AA2631 Flight Tracker American Airlines

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Live Surface Map and Flight Tracking

AA2631 Flight Tracker American Airlines
Flight Number AA2631
Airline American Airlines
Departure Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Destination Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
Departure Time 15:30 PST
Arrival Time 20:15 CST
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Flight Status and Past/Upcoming Flights

Flight status screen

Flight Number Status Departure Time Arrival Time
AA2631 On Time 10:00 AM 12:00 PM

Aircraft Equipment and Code Description

Aircraft equipment and code description chart.

Aircraft Code Description
B738 Boeing 737-800
A321 Airbus A321
CRJ9 Bombardier CRJ-900
E175 Embraer E175
ERJ Embraer Regional Jet

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DCA and NAS Event Timeline

To access the DCA and NAS Event Timeline, you can use the FlightAware website or mobile app. Simply search for AA2631 and select the flight from the search results. Once you are on the flight’s page, you will find the timeline displayed below the flight information.

The timeline provides a chronological list of events that have occurred during the flight. These events include updates on departure, arrival, gate changes, and any other relevant information. You can easily navigate through the timeline by scrolling or using the map feature to see the flight’s progress visually.

If you have any feedback or questions about the DCA and NAS Event Timeline, you can provide it directly through the FlightAware website or app. Look for the feedback icon or dialogue box, where you can submit your comments.

By using the DCA and NAS Event Timeline, you can stay updated on AA2631 Flight Tracker American Airlines and have a clear understanding of its progress. This feature is especially useful if you are picking someone up from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport or tracking the flight for any other reason.

Remember to check the timeline regularly for any updates or changes to the flight status. FlightAware’s automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast technology ensures that the information is accurate and up to date.

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