Fix Chrome Download Not Completing – Best Ways to Resume (2023)

Having trouble with incomplete downloads in Chrome? Look no further! In this guide, I will share the best methods to resume downloads and ensure a smooth browsing experience in 2023.

Check your internet connection: A poor or unstable internet connection can cause interruptions in the download process. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection before initiating the download.

Troubleshooting Chrome Download Issues

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If you’re experiencing download issues with Google Chrome, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the problem. First, check your internet connection and ensure that it’s stable. You can also try restarting your computer and router to refresh the connection.

If the download is stuck or not progressing, try clearing the browser cache. To do this, click on the three-dot menu in Chrome, go to More Tools, and select Clear Browsing Data. Make sure to select “Cached images and files” and click on Clear Data.

If the download still fails to complete, try pausing and then resuming the download. To do this, click on the download bar at the bottom of the browser window, and then click on the Pause button. After a few seconds, click on the Resume button to continue the download.

These troubleshooting steps should help you fix Chrome download issues and resume any interrupted downloads.

Checking Internet Connection and Server Status

To check your internet connection and server status when experiencing issues with Chrome downloads, follow these steps:

1. Ensure you are connected to a stable internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
2. Check if other websites and applications are working properly to confirm it’s not a general internet connectivity problem.
3. Open Chrome and click on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.
4. Go to “Settings” and click on “Advanced” in the left sidebar.
5. Scroll down to the “System” section and click on “Open proxy settings.”
6. In the “Internet Properties” window, go to the “Connections” tab and click on “LAN settings.”
7. Ensure that “Automatically detect settings” is checked and no proxy server is enabled.
8. Click “OK” to save the changes and exit the windows.
9. Restart Chrome and try downloading the file again.

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If the download still doesn’t complete, consider clearing your cache and disabling any antivirus or browser extensions that may interfere with downloads.

Pausing Other Processes and Clearing Cache

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To fix the issue of Chrome download not completing, there are a few steps you can take. First, try pausing any other processes or downloads that may be running in the background. This can help free up bandwidth and resources for the download to resume.

Next, clearing the cache can also help resolve the problem. Clearing the cache removes temporary files and data that may be interfering with the download process. To do this, go to the Chrome menu, select “Settings,” then “Privacy and security.” Under the “Clear browsing data” section, choose “Cached images and files” and click “Clear data.”

By pausing other processes and clearing the cache, you can increase the chances of successfully resuming a download that was not completing in Chrome.

from selenium import webdriver
from import Options

# Set up Chrome options to specify download path
chrome_options = Options()
chrome_options.add_experimental_option("prefs", {
"download.default_directory": "/path/to/download/directory",
"download.prompt_for_download": False,
"download.directory_upgrade": True,
"safebrowsing.enabled": True

# Create a new instance of the Chrome driver
driver = webdriver.Chrome(options=chrome_options)

# Navigate to a webpage where a file can be downloaded

# Click on the download link/button
download_link = driver.find_element_by_id("download-link")

# Wait for the download to complete (you may need to adjust the time depending on the file size)

# Close the browser window

Using VPN and Incognito Mode

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Incognito Mode
Chrome settings
clear cache
restart browser
check internet connection
disable antivirus
change download location
update Chrome
reset Chrome settings
check for network restrictions
try a different browser
contact support for further assistance.

Disabling Third-Party Anti-Virus and Extensions

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To fix Chrome download not completing, you may need to disable third-party anti-virus software and extensions. These can sometimes interfere with the download process.

To disable third-party anti-virus software, follow these steps:

1. Open the anti-virus software on your computer.
2. Navigate to the settings or preferences menu.
3. Look for an option to disable or turn off real-time protection.
4. Disable the real-time protection feature.

To disable extensions in Chrome, follow these steps:

1. Click on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser.
2. Go to “More tools” and select “Extensions.”
3. Find the extension you want to disable and toggle the switch off.

By disabling third-party anti-virus software and extensions, you can troubleshoot the issue of Chrome downloads not completing.

Updating Google Chrome

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To fix Chrome download not completing, try the following steps:

1. Check your internet connection: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or using an Ethernet cable.

2. Clear your browser cache: Open Chrome and click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner. Go to “More tools” and select “Clear browsing data.” Make sure to check the box for “Cached images and files” and click “Clear data.”

3. Disable antivirus software: Some antivirus programs may interfere with the download process. Temporarily disable your antivirus software and try downloading again.

4. Restart Chrome: Close all instances of Chrome and reopen the browser. Attempt the download once more.

5. Update Chrome: Click on the three-dot menu and go to “Help” > “About Google Chrome.” Chrome will automatically check for updates and install them if available.

If the issue persists, consider using an alternative web browser like Microsoft Edge, Chromium, Vivaldi, or Brave.

Reinstalling Google Chrome

not complete
resume download

Fixing Chrome Download Issues on Different Devices

Fixing Chrome Download Issues on Different Devices

Fix Chrome Download Not Completing – Best Ways to Resume (2023)

Device Issue Possible Solutions
Windows PC Download speed too slow 1. Check internet connection
2. Disable antivirus temporarily
3. Clear browser cache
Download stuck at a certain percentage 1. Pause and resume the download
2. Restart Chrome
3. Clear download history
Download fails with network error 1. Disable VPN or proxy
2. Reset network settings
3. Update Chrome to the latest version
Mac Download not starting 1. Check firewall settings
2. Disable browser extensions
3. Restart Mac
Download interrupted by “Failed – Network error” 1. Reset Chrome settings
2. Clear DNS cache
3. Remove conflicting software
Android Download getting stuck 1. Clear Chrome app cache
2. Disable download managers
3. Enable “Download over Wi-Fi only”
Download keeps failing 1. Update Chrome app
2. Reset app preferences
3. Check available storage space
iOS Download not completing 1. Update iOS to the latest version
2. Check Wi-Fi connection
3. Reinstall Chrome app
Downloaded file not opening 1. Check file format compatibility
2. Use a different file viewer app

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