Locked Out of Windows 10 Admin Account – How to Enable

Have you been locked out of your Windows 10 admin account? Here’s how to enable it again.

Use the Forgot Password feature: Windows 10 has a “Forgot Password” feature that allows you to reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.

Accessing Your Account Through Safe Mode

To access your Windows 10 admin account through Safe Mode, you will need to restart your computer. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run command. Type in “msconfig” and press Enter. In the System Configuration window, go to the Boot tab and check the box next to “Safe boot. ” Choose either Minimal or Network, depending on your needs, and click OK.

You will be prompted to restart your computer. Once in Safe Mode, you can access your admin account and troubleshoot any issues you may be having.

Resetting Password with Installation Media

  • Insert the Windows installation media (USB or DVD) and boot from it
    • Restart the computer and press the appropriate key to enter the boot menu (usually F2, F10, or F12)
    • Select the installation media as the boot device
    • Press any key to boot from the installation media when prompted
  • Access the Command Prompt from the installation media
    • On the Windows Setup screen, press Shift+F10 to open Command Prompt
  • Identify the drive letter of the Windows installation and the Windows drive
    • Type diskpart and press Enter
    • Type list vol and press Enter to see the list of volumes
    • Identify the drive letter of the Windows installation and the Windows drive from the list
  • Replace the Utilman.exe file with Command Prompt
    • Navigate to the System32 directory on the Windows drive (e.g. C:WindowsSystem32)
    • Rename Utilman.exe to Utilman.exe.bak
    • Copy cmd.exe from the same directory and rename the copy to Utilman.exe
  • Reboot the computer and access the Ease of Access menu
    • Remove the installation media and restart the computer
    • On the login screen, click the Ease of Access icon
  • Reset the password using Command Prompt
    • In the Command Prompt window, type net user username newpassword and press Enter (replace “username” with the actual username and “newpassword” with the desired new password)
    • Close Command Prompt and log in with the new password
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Utilizing a Password Reset Disk

Windows <a href=password reset disk“>

To utilize a Password Reset Disk for a Windows 10 Admin Account, you will need to have previously created the disk before being locked out. Once you have the disk, insert it into the computer and reboot. When prompted for the password, click “Reset password” and follow the on-screen instructions. You will then be able to create a new password and regain access to the admin account.

If you do not have a Password Reset Disk, you can also use another admin account to reset the password. Simply log in to the other admin account and go to “Control Panel” > “User Accounts” > “Manage another account” and select the locked admin account. From there, you can change the password and regain access.

If you do not have access to another admin account, you may need to use third-party software or seek professional help to unlock the admin account.

Logging in with an Alternative Account

Alternate login screen

To log in with an alternative account on Windows 10, you can use the built-in Administrator account or another user account with admin privileges. First, restart your computer and press the Shift key while clicking on the Restart button to boot into the Windows Recovery Environment. From there, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt, type net user [username] [password] to create a new user account or net localgroup administrators [username] /add to add an existing account to the administrators group.

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After creating the account, restart your computer and log in with the newly created or added account. This should allow you to regain access to your Windows 10 admin account.

Bypassing the Lock with Third-Party Tools

If you find yourself locked out of your Windows 10 admin account, you can bypass the lock using third-party tools. One popular tool is PCUnlocker, which allows you to reset forgotten passwords and enable the admin account. Another option is the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, which can be used to reset the password and gain access to the admin account. Keep in mind that using third-party tools to bypass the lock may void your system’s warranty and could potentially cause data loss. It’s always best to consult with a professional before attempting any password bypass methods.

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